While back home

Most of my foreign patients that I have already treated considered foreign dental treatment as profitable but a little bit risky procedure. They know that visiting dentist abroad the biggest issue is after treatment service. Patients treated by me receive from 2 to 10 years guarantee depending on dental work type but as I live miles from my patients I understand they can't afford coming back to my clinic every time it is needed. That's why I think a standard guarantee is not enough. Of course I try very hard to avoid possible problems that may occur to my patients when they return home but since dental treatment belongs to medical profession I can only predict but not be sure about long term prognosis. This is why all of my foreign patients are covered with what I call additional 2 years after care which means that during 2 years period of time after the treatment is accomplished I accept local dentist interference with the restoration performed in my surgery. I can cooperate with local dentist and give him all informations concerning the tretment as well as sending charts, x-rays, stone models etc. I will also understand if the local dentist says my restoration has to be removed or destroyed to give relief. He or she can do this and supply my patient with temporary work. I will redo the treatment at no costs when the patient is able to return to my clinic. Of course all the time I am ready to serve my patients when they are home and reply their emails and phone calls. This way I think my patients know what to do and I hope they feel safe while they are back home.

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