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Although the name of my company indicates that Dental Team should be a kind of dental factory it is a small clinic where the team is made by me, my wife, nurses and my technician.
I graduated in 1999 with a dental practitioner degree from Pomeranian Medical Academy in Szczecin. Since that time I mainly work on my own as well as in my mother's clinic and develop myself by attending post graduate courses, lectures and seminars.
My wife Joanna helps me with.... well .... everything and works as my nurse too.
I can't tell what is the name of my current auxiliary staff as during last year I had 5 new nurses hired and they all left Poland to work in UK or Ireland. This way I can't be sure if the present one is still going to work with me the next month.
My dental laboratory is Dental Labor Rogalski, you can visit their web page here .


I like keep things simple and I think my patients like it too. Visiting Dental Team you should not expect numerous dentists taking care of one patient where one of them do the fillings other crowns and another one implants. Of course there are some benefits from such approach but there is one question in the end who takes responsibility of your entire treatment. In my practice I do the entire treatment and take the total responsibility and I am the person that my patients can always contact and ask about every aspect of the treatment.

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